On Tuesday, 5 January 2016 at 14:18:32 UTC, Andrei Alexandrescu wrote:

Overall my understanding of your message is "My system would be better not for a fundamental technical reason, but because I am willing to pour in it time and talent." This is the kind of argument I have a lot of respect for.

IMO it's not just his willingness to put in the time that is different. There are some critical technical differences:

- There is one person making the decision.
- You don't have to worry about unstated (and sometimes arbitrary) rules. The current system feels like your dealing with the Soup Nazi. - You don't have to mess with Git. For me, that's a big one, because I've never used Git for a large project like this. - You don't have to build the whole website. You don't have to do Phobos unit tests to change a broken link.

I'll give you an example. Not by coincidence, this was the last contribution I attempted to make.

I read the documentation for schwartzSort, and finding that it conveyed no information, I wanted to suggest something better. A discussion forum or email message would be the ideal way to do so, but knowing that's not how things are done here, I decided to submit a PR. After at least a couple hours (it may have been more) looking at other documentation to find ideas for how to do it better, doing several revisions to get to something I found satisfactory, checking for no trailing spaces and making sure the syntax was consistent with the other documentation, battling with Git, and battling to get the full site to build, I submitted this:


One person reviewed it and didn't like my change, because he felt the existing documentation was better. Later, someone commented that he liked my version. And now it's sitting there. It's not going to be accepted and because nobody's in charge of the documentation it won't be closed either.

The problem is not that my PR was (for practical purposes) rejected. As an academic I deal with both sides of peer review all the time. The problem is that I was forced to put so much time into it just to make a suggestion. With Adam's project, I can send him an email with a suggested change, and he can do as he wishes with it. It will take two minutes of my time.

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