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> On 2016-01-25 14:22, Andrew Edwards wrote:
> Glad to see your spirit is not easily broken. That, however, does not
>> invalidate my statement.  One would think that 10 years after being
>> dubbed the official graphics library for the language, it would be
>> simple to install DMD and DWT side by side on all DMD supported
>> platforms and the two just work well together. Especially since people
>> that advocated it claimed that by making it official, it would
>> legitimize their contributions to help improve make improvements. It is
>> not even usable on what appears to be the platform you develop on/for,
>> MAC OS X, and you are the main maintainer/contributer.
> The only thing that happened, as far as I know, in terms of official was
> that Walter announced it to be the official GUI and it got its own
> dedicated newsgroup. It's not on the web site, there's been no coordinated
> releases, no contribution from the core team, nothing. I don't see how
> anyone could expect progress to increase at all.
With respect, I'm not sure whether anyone in core would have the slightless
hint of knowing how UI works. (Not that I speak for anyone but myself :-)

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