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Hot off the press! http://wiki.dlang.org/Vision/2016H1 -- Andrei


For tooling, I suggest a look at GUI/IDEs, now that dlangui/dlangide seems a good candidate(native D, crossplatform). A good official supported GUI library will attract many people.

I truly doubt that. It would be truly amazing if that were to occur but history has proven otherwise. The sentiment was expressed so many times that Walter was finally moved to sanction DWT as the official GUI for D in 2006. Even a newsgroup was made for it. It's ten years later. DWT anyone?

Aurora was a recent attempt that was shelved for the sole author's personal reasons. Result?

Sadly, dlangui/dlangide is no different. It has one developer. If that individual gets discouraged, like so many others have so far, what becomes of it?

Until members of the community starts combining efforts and working together to improve the situation, it will not improve. You have Adam working on working on simpledisplay, Mike working on Derelict, Felix working on three-d, Vladimir working on ae-graphics, Martin on freeimage, Vadim on dlangui/dlangide and who knows what else is out there in the wood works
I'm convinced that without such a deliberate effort, this situation will not change for years to come. Even if a particular library is dubbed "The One." Like I've said earlier, that was already done ten years ago.

Well, I think the question is: IDE is a main thing today? If you take the languages that emerged along the years, some of them are backed most on web toolkit/Internet.

Please don't get me wrong and I'm not saying this is NOT important. But today I think perhaps this kind of thing is turning into a niche.

I think vibe.d or whatever web toolkit should get more attention.


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