On Monday, 25 January 2016 at 20:44:10 UTC, Jacob Carlborg wrote:
On 2016-01-25 14:22, Andrew Edwards wrote:

Glad to see your spirit is not easily broken. That, however, does not invalidate my statement. One would think that 10 years after being dubbed the official graphics library for the language, it would be
simple to install DMD and DWT side by side on all DMD supported
platforms and the two just work well together. Especially since people
that advocated it claimed that by making it official, it would
legitimize their contributions to help improve make improvements. It is not even usable on what appears to be the platform you develop on/for,
MAC OS X, and you are the main maintainer/contributer.

The only thing that happened, as far as I know, in terms of official was that Walter announced it to be the official GUI and it got its own dedicated newsgroup. It's not on the web site, there's been no coordinated releases, no contribution from the core team, nothing. I don't see how anyone could expect progress to increase at all.

My point exactly. Simply naming something official does not improve it's status or send contributors clamoring to assist in its improvement. It takes a deliberate effort and dedication of resources to accomplish that.

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