On 29/01/16 6:40 AM, Piotrek wrote:
On Monday, 25 January 2016 at 03:49:56 UTC, Rikki Cattermole wrote:
That won't be happening anytime soon.
Until we have image and windowing in Phobos (I'm working on both)
there is no way a GUI toolkit is going in. And from what I know there
will be a LOT of work to update it.

I've read this thread partially and I agree with you. In my opinion the
key to the success is a good standard library with batteries included.

The opinion that this approach is outdated is very subjective.

I hope D GUI will be usable some day for me and other people not wanting
to fight with tools (and external libraries).

If there is something from your project ready for test drive let me know.


Right now, image library is more or less ready for next feedback.
Windowing is almost there, really just needs a bit of testing and its done.

So in other words, the hold up, is me.

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