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Hot off the press! http://wiki.dlang.org/Vision/2016H1 -- Andrei

Just out of curiosity, is getting the different compilers in sync still a
priority? Right now we have dmd at 2.070, ldc at 2.068. and gdc at 2.066.

If anyone wants to help out...

I have to also juggle working on GCC and GDB. :-)

When gdc reaches 2.068 (GCC 7.1 is the target release next year) - expect it to stay there for a while...

It would be nice if keeping them in sync was a priority, I would love to use GDC so I could use GDB, but not having the latest fixes is simply not worth it. Even simple things dont work when you go back just a few versions, like in 2.066 isForwardRange is not correct and does not work properly, something as simple as that does not work. Not to mention using the new stuff like allocators.

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