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> On Friday, 29 January 2016 at 20:30:35 UTC, Iain Buclaw wrote:
>> How much of it actually depends on the compiler though?  I'd be a little
>> surprised if we couldn't backport at least 80% of phobos to 2.067/2.068
>> with zero changes.
> I have no idea, I think you are probably right. But having a compiler and
> phobos out of sync sounds even worse than the way it is now. A better
> solution for me would be to just stick with a version and wait for gdc to
> catch up but honestly it seems like as soon as a new version comes out I
> hit some bug that is only fixed in the latest version, forcing me to
> upgrade.
> For example this literally happened days ago, I am currently at 2.069 and
> the other day I needed to call some winapi stuff, only to realize the
> winapi bindings are way outdated, well guess what they are updated in
> 2.070. Its amazing how often I hit a problem and then find out its fixed in
> the next version.

I know, I've been hitting bug after bug in 2.067, and the answer has always
been to backport from 2.068.  I already have backported druntime's object.d
from 2.068 because 2.067's object module has drifted so far out of sync
with it's hidden implementation, I couldn't build anything!  So I might as
well backport the rest of the druntime library.  Nothing much has changed
as it was a "bugfix" release.


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