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> If you don't get a cease and desist letter from the D Foundation soon
> I'd be surprised.

A cease and desist for making Boost-licensed documentation available in 
another medium. Kind of violates the spirit of being an open source 
project, no?

The only grounds potentially available for a C&D letter are based in 
trademarks. For the D Foundation to succeed with this sort of thing in 
general, they'd need to start an explicit trademark licensing system and 
assiduously go after people who use the trademark without a license. (Non-
enforcement is grounds for losing trademark status.) That's probably not 
going to happen. Too much work and too much negative publicity.

And you appear to be recommending this as a punitive measure for comments 
in another forum. Can you imagine the reaction? Every time anyone posted 
an article about D, the comments would be full of "hope you don't get 

You're issuing a threat that you have no standing to fulfill, where those 
who do have standing have every incentive not to fulfill it and no 
particular reason to listen to you.

> Your matter of fact insulting of our official docs
> (which are leaps and bounds better than the new stuff you are making) is
> destructive to our community.

I've seen far nastier comments than Adam Ruppe's on this forum (it's a 
huge stretch to call his "nasty"), and nastier than yours, and 
unproductive to boot, and nobody objected to them. Seeing a person 
threatening someone for trying to help and providing specific feedback, 
while worse goes unnoted, is demoralizing and probably worse for the 

> Having a different kind of search and having a different layout that is
> more succinct is "Super Awesome" and you are doing it, but you have
> absolutely no reason to constantly insult the work on the main site.
> _Creating division in such a small community is not helpful_.

It's not a division. It's a documentation mirror with a different layout.

> Having
> competing designs can be very helpful, (e.g. your layout could be nice
> for Google search results), official docs are nice because you don't
> have to constantly jump around the site while working.

There's pretty much no advantage to having three hundred declarations on 
the same page with no cross-references and only top-level declarations 

Cross-references plus all-in-one-page might be okay, but then you'd be 
comparing Adam Ruppe's work with a hypothetical evolution of dlang.org 

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