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> > If you don't get a cease and desist letter from the D Foundation soon
> > I'd be surprised.
> A cease and desist for making Boost-licensed documentation available in
> another medium. Kind of violates the spirit of being an open source
> project, no?
> The only grounds potentially available for a C&D letter are based in
> trademarks. For the D Foundation to succeed with this sort of thing in
> general, they'd need to start an explicit trademark licensing system and
> assiduously go after people who use the trademark without a license. (Non-
> enforcement is grounds for losing trademark status.) That's probably not
> going to happen. Too much work and too much negative publicity.
> And you appear to be recommending this as a punitive measure for comments
> in another forum. Can you imagine the reaction? Every time anyone posted
> an article about D, the comments would be full of "hope you don't get
> sued".

The problem is the D logo etc at the top of his docs mixed with Adam's
resentment. Your email validates
what I was suggesting he should avoid.

> You're issuing a threat that you have no standing to fulfill, where those
> who do have standing have every incentive not to fulfill it and no
> particular reason to listen to you.
> > Your matter of fact insulting of our official docs
> > (which are leaps and bounds better than the new stuff you are making) is
> > destructive to our community.
> I've seen far nastier comments than Adam Ruppe's on this forum (it's a
> huge stretch to call his "nasty"), and nastier than yours, and
> unproductive to boot, and nobody objected to them. Seeing a person
> threatening someone for trying to help and providing specific feedback,
> while worse goes unnoted, is demoralizing and probably worse for the
> community.
> > Having a different kind of search and having a different layout that is
> > more succinct is "Super Awesome" and you are doing it, but you have
> > absolutely no reason to constantly insult the work on the main site.
> >
> > _Creating division in such a small community is not helpful_.
> It's not a division. It's a documentation mirror with a different layout.

Did you read my mail at all?

> > Having
> > competing designs can be very helpful, (e.g. your layout could be nice
> > for Google search results), official docs are nice because you don't
> > have to constantly jump around the site while working.
> There's pretty much no advantage to having three hundred declarations on
> the same page with no cross-references and only top-level declarations
> indexed.

> Cross-references plus all-in-one-page might be okay, but then you'd be
> comparing Adam Ruppe's work with a hypothetical evolution of dlang.org
> docs.
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