A few weeks ago I made a github repo for D modules. I'm adding to this as I learn the language, and as I find myself writing modules to support other code.


It hasn't got a lot at the moment, but it will grow for as long as I'm writing D. I suspect that will be a rather long time.

Currently contains such modules as:

mach.error.unit - Provides a better alternative to littering unittest blocks with "assert"s where if an assert fails there's no information regarding why. assert(a == b); vs. testeq(a, b);

mach.math.round - Accepts templates for source and target numeric types.

mach.text.english.plural - Reasonably accurate pluralization of English words.

My focus currently is on developing mach.sdl, a wrapper for SDL2 and OpenGL, since ultimately I'd like to use D primarily for game development.

I hope the library proves useful!

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