On Wednesday, 25 May 2016 at 22:19:28 UTC, Seb wrote:
A bit off-topic, but I can't help to say it.
I know that writing your own library is fun, but something that I see quite often when looking at e.g.


is that people love to collect and build their own ecosystem, but it would be a lot better if for a specific use-case there's a great dub package or it's part of Phobos.

At least for me, here are the main motivators:

1. Trivia. There are a lot of one-liners in ae which although used often and make the code somewhat more readable, would not be suitable for Phobos because you can think of any number of them.

2. Very often I put a function in ae not because I know I'll need it again, but simply because it seems generic enough that it would better belong in a generic library than the specific program I'm writing. This of course leads to functions that are used only once. Sometimes (rarely) I realize that I don't need that function after all, so some functions probably have never been used.

3. Commitment. Making your library for general consumption means proper versioning, upgrade paths and things like that. It's an additional mental burden on top of getting the thing you want done done.

That said I did add a dub.sdl file to ae a while ago.

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