On Wednesday, 8 June 2016 at 12:21:57 UTC, Jacob Carlborg wrote:

It's just that since the language support other styles of comments one could think that all comments are supported and it will cause confusion if only one style is supported.

That reason alone is enough. Restricting DUB special comments to only /++/ will put users off, because now they know that there's a cool feature in DUB, but it only works with certain types of comments, that nobody wants to remember (why should they?), so they will decide that this feature is either broken or unfinished and will hardly use it at all.

We could make users' lives easier, if we allowed them to just specify the dependencies in Gradle style on a single line:

#!/usr/bin/env dub
// dependencies: "color:~>0.0.3", "vibe.d:~>0.7.28"

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