Dne 31.10.2016 v 2:36 ketmar via Digitalmars-d-announce napsal(a):
> hi. i was in need of very simple (yet usable for something more than
> "hey, this is how Big Players doing physics!") 2d physics engine for
> some of my pet projects, and i decided to use Box2D Lite as base (mostly
> 'cause it has simple joints implemented). so i ported it, mutilated it
> and had it working in less than 40 kb of source code. so far, so good.
> but suddenly...
> but suddenly i realised that B2DL can operate only on boxes (no other
> body shapes were implemented), and it has O(N^2) broad phase. of course,
> this is perfectly fine for a demo purposes, but little limiting for my
> projects. so after mutilating the patient, i surgically enhanced it a
> little[1].
> now my port supports the following features:
> * convex polygonal bodies with different density
> * SAT collistion detection
> * hard and soft joints
> * friction
> * O(N*logN) broad phase
> * source size is still ~65 KB
> ...

Neat! Not that I need a physics engine right now, but it is always good
to have implementation of some structures at hand.

Anyway, tht Invisible Vector project of yours, is it a collection of
useful stuff like Adam's arsd, or is some standalone project? I am
asking, because it seems to contain some nice things (like a sat solver
port) that may help others and could benefit from being more accessible
than only with a programmer's spelunker gear. And I am saying this with
full knowledge of your passionate hate for github and to some extent for


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