Dne 31.10.2016 v 10:56 ketmar via Digitalmars-d-announce napsal(a):
>> I am asking, because it seems to contain some nice things (like a sat
>> solver port) that may help others and could benefit from being more
>> accessible than only with a programmer's spelunker gear. And I am
>> saying this with full knowledge of your passionate hate for github and
>> to some extent for dub.
> i investigated the possibility of having IV as collection of DUB
> projects (again), and it is still too intrusive. alas. actually, i'd
> like to feature IV as a set of libraries with dependencies on
> code.dlang.org, so people can easily use 'em, but DUB isn't very
> tolerant to things that aren't done in "DUB way". i am really saddened
> by that, but i have no desire to work on DUB, neither to "dubify" my
> workflow.

Got it.

> i'm trying to help those who wants to use my code, tho. ;-) i'm usually
> available on IRC.

Ok, that is also a good option :-) I will ping you if I find myself
needing an assistance.


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