On Monday, 31 October 2016 at 09:56:09 UTC, ketmar wrote:
i investigated the possibility of having IV as collection of DUB projects (again), and it is still too intrusive. alas. actually, i'd like to feature IV as a set of libraries with dependencies on code.dlang.org, so people can easily use 'em, but DUB isn't very tolerant to things that aren't done in "DUB way". i am really saddened by that, but i have no desire to work on DUB, neither to "dubify" my workflow.

Are there any specific problems you came across?

If you could put up with putting each file (or maybe group of files that might form one dub package) in to a separate folder, add a dub.sdl for each folder, put a single dub.sdl in the root folder with all the other folders listed in it as subPackages, then push the whole thing to bitbucket, register on code.dlang.org and you're done?

If you really don't like having all those folders you could easily create a script to move everything in to place. Could even be in a git hook!

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