On Monday, 31 October 2016 at 09:22:22 UTC, Martin Drašar wrote:
Neat! Not that I need a physics engine right now, but it is always good to have implementation of some structures at hand.
thank you.

Anyway, tht Invisible Vector project of yours, is it a collection of useful stuff like Adam's arsd, or is some standalone project?
it is like Adam's arsd: a collection of random things. basically, when i need something for one of my projects, i'm going to steal/implement it "in-place" (i.e. in project source tree), and later i may see that implementation as a good thing to share between other projects. at this stage i'm doing some more work on it, and then moving it in IV. and even if it won't be shared between projects, i sometimes moving it to IV just to have it everything in one place. ;-)

I am asking, because it seems to contain some nice things (like a sat solver port) that may help others and could benefit from being more accessible than only with a programmer's spelunker gear. And I am saying this with full knowledge of your passionate hate for github and to some extent for dub.
i investigated the possibility of having IV as collection of DUB projects (again), and it is still too intrusive. alas. actually, i'd like to feature IV as a set of libraries with dependencies on code.dlang.org, so people can easily use 'em, but DUB isn't very tolerant to things that aren't done in "DUB way". i am really saddened by that, but i have no desire to work on DUB, neither to "dubify" my workflow.

i'm trying to help those who wants to use my code, tho. ;-) i'm usually available on IRC.

p.s. to keep it all somewhat on-topic: if someone wants to add more joint types, it is possible to take 'em from Chipmunk code, almost unmodified. Chipmunk is using basically the same integration scheme (preStep/applyImpulse), so you'd have to do some simple renamings (cpFloat -> VFloat, etc.), and replace Chipmunk's vector math with iv.vmath. i deliberately avoied doing that to keep the code small (and to not spoil the fun of turning something simple to something more powerful ;-).

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