On Sunday, 8 January 2017 at 00:15:23 UTC, Seb wrote:
On Saturday, 7 January 2017 at 23:33:45 UTC, Benjiro wrote:
Maybe something to add ( for new users ) is something similar to:


Easy to use, lots of information, simple tasks that involve interaction for the user, feedback on success.

Do you know about the existing Dlang Tour?


PRs/Issues to improve it are welcome

Its translation into a couple of languages is WIP:


I think the "D for C++ programmers" page could use a revamp:


At the moment it mainly explains where and how D differs from C++. Whoever reads it may be ready to write C++ code in D, but this seems pointless and may give the impression that D is just C++ with a different syntax plus a few minor features (strong typedef and the scope statement). The page doesn't mention D's dynamic arrays, associative arrays, ranges, UFCS, function attributes and so on). The tour does mention these features (under "D's gems") so maybe some of its contents can be used to extend the "D for C++" page.

One idea on my mind is providing various (honest, not specifically tailored) examples of C++ code that aims to solve a certain problem, and how the same problem can be solved in D in a better way (in some sense). I've seen this done effectively with Java vs. Scala.

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