On Thursday, 12 January 2017 at 09:54:08 UTC, Mark wrote:
I think the "D for C++ programmers" page could use a revamp:


At the moment it mainly explains where and how D differs from C++. Whoever reads it may be ready to write C++ code in D, but this seems pointless and may give the impression that D is just C++ with a different syntax plus a few minor features (strong typedef and the scope statement). The page doesn't mention D's dynamic arrays, associative arrays, ranges, UFCS, function attributes and so on).

It's intended to help C++ programmers switch to D, not as a comparison. It also links to:


which does mention arrays and various other small things.

(I noticed some minor things to fix and submitted a pull request).

One idea on my mind is providing various (honest, not specifically tailored) examples of C++ code that aims to solve a certain problem, and how the same problem can be solved in D in a better way (in some sense). I've seen this done effectively with Java vs. Scala.

Sounds good. I think this thread is for big issues that need core focus though, anyone here can and should submit documentation.

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