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I think that fixing such bugs is quite general interest. I'm not asking to do enhancement required solely to me. I'm asking to fix a bug, very bad bug.

The reason why your post is not appropriate here is in the name of the forum: "announce". Many D users follow this list – and in part indeed via email – to keep up with interesting news, developments, and events in the wider community. If the volume becomes too high, the forum loses its reason to exist, and we could just merge it into the general forum entirely.

If you are having trouble figuring out what to post here, a great way to start is to ask yourself: "What would happen if every D user posted <their xyz> here?" What would happen if every D user posted about the initial release of their smaller project/a fresh release of their well-known project here? Great, that will keep people up to speed with what's happening in the community. What would happen if everybody posted about bugs they find and want fixed here? Not so much. There are many more severe issues discovered frequently, yet you don't read about them here – because the bug tracker is the place to report them.

Of course, in this case, you might want to inform compiler developers that you can offer a bounty for timely fixes. But the appropriate place to do so is the DMD development list, or maybe – if you think that the wider D audience might be able to help – the general dm.D forum.

It goes without saying that respecting the rules and workings of a community you want help from will drastically increase the chances of actually receiving it.

 — David
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