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Yes, though I'd generally try in the main newsgroup first. Regardless, the biggest thing is to make sure that it's in bugzilla. That often is not sufficient, but without that, the bug is in serious risk of being forgotten, and whenever anyone brings up a bug and complains that it isn't fix and hasn't put it in bugzilla, Walter basically tells them that it doesn't exist until it's in bugzilla, because if it isn't reported, then he and the rest of the compiler devs aren't going to know about it.

But the reality of the matter is that getting ahold of anyone in particular in the newsgroups can be hit or miss, and the number of compiler devs isn't huge. So, sometimes, you have to bring something up multiple times for it be seen by the right people. And unfortunately, the nature of newsgroup/forum/mailing list discussions is often essentially bikeshedding in that the topics that need real attention often get relatively little attention, because they're hard and/or not many people know enough to get involved, whereas topics that don't take much expertise and easy to have an opinion on get a lot of attention. So, solitary posts on important topics sometimes get missed.

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Ok. I'll consider. Thanks.

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