On 5/16/2017 8:25 AM, Adam D. Ruppe wrote:
It's also possible to use underlining.

Yeah, on some systems, but not really on Windows or even all linux terminals.
Color has broader support, though you do want to be careful not to *depend* on
color either.

I've never met an ASCII console that didn't support underlining. This includes the ones I used back in the 1970's, and includes the tty I designed and built myself for a class project. It includes DOS and Windows consoles.

Underlining enjoys much broader support than color does. Color became fairly ubiquitous rather late, in 1990 or so. The VT-100 control sequences have effectively replaced all the other ones.

> my terminal emulator doesn't support blinking

Then yours is a unique snowflake, as it's standard for VT-100 emulation (xterm).

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