On 05/14/2017 07:07 AM, Walter Bright wrote:

It turned out to be unexpectedly easy to implement.

The only downside is now we have to rather tediously tweak the error
message texts so they use backticks.

Color is informative to humans, so I'm all for it. I agree with others that it may be hard to please everyone. Is it possible to use the default scheme of the terminal?

I had the good fortune of sitting with Chandler Carruth and other C++ people during dinner here at C++Now. We did talk about error reporting and although it's mostly agreed that clang's errors are a big improvement, Chandler said that no matter how short or informative, people still don't read error messages! I'm not surprised: people are people. (I'm one and proud of it. :) )

According to Chandler, Rust got this right: Apparently, Rust shows the code *first*, then the error message underneath it. Chandler said that this trivial change in error reporting has been transformative and now people are very happy with Rust's error messages.


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