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I work with C# professionally and this is some SERIOUSLY cool work. Thank you for this!

Thank you all!

I've looked over the code a bit and I have a couple of questions. This appears to be an interface to the runtime itself, not a BCL interface correct? It looks like this could be used to could this be used to read into a Mono Class Libraries, and if so would so some sort of automated code generation tool be required? It looks to me like the binding will be non-trivial, with GC, exceptions, etc. that all need to be handled at the call-site. Can we get a static library version of this, or is there a dependency on dynamic libraries?

I have to admit I am very impressed. I have spent a lot of time building code generators before and I have to admit that the idea of binding to arbitrary .NET libraries via code generation is extremely appealing to me. I am seriously tempted to take this and start building a binding generator...

I seriously need more free time! Way too many cool and useful things happening in D for my limited free time. A D binding for XAML ... THAT would sight to behold!

This is an interface to the Mono libraries, D/CLI would require quite a lot of compiler changes, both on the front-end and back-end side, but thanks to metaprogramming a wrapper library can get very close to such an interface. I plan on making an automated D to Mono bridge, akin to LuaD, so that it can be used as a scripting platform for e.g. games. I haven't thought about doing it the other way around, but now it seems like a very interesting idea! Unfortunately no XAML (http://www.mono-project.com/docs/gui/wpf/), but many other libraries, such as XWT (https://github.com/mono/xwt) could be ported this way, I'll certainly look into it.

Mono actually supports some kind of GC bridging as far as I understand, as there is a sgen-bridge.h header just for that, and it has apparently been used in the C#-Java Xamarin interace on Android. As for exceptions - D functions have to be wrapped in a nothrow wrapper, but that can be completely automated with templates. The other way around is also quite simple - when invoking a Mono function a pointer can be given that will set an exception reference if one is thrown from the .NET side, and a wrapper can easily rethrow it back to D.

I can make a static library version, it's just some regex substitutions done on the functions file actually, most probably I'll publish it today. It will be a dub subconfiguration like it is the case for GLFW3. Btw, I've manually ported the basic and configuration headers, so that no mistakes are made, and then used DStep and a modified DStep to generate the rest of the headers - my modification was only to change the way function declarations are generated, to make them in derelict form of alias da_function = void function(...);, and the rest was done with quite a lot of editor(VSCode) shortcuts.

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