On Thursday, 20 July 2017 at 07:19:03 UTC, Patrick Schluter wrote:
version 2.067 that still had the C++ frontend took more than 100 seconds. I think if the backend is translated to D, building the compiler will take not more than 2 seconds. To put it in perspective, building gcc with only C and C++ support takes around 15 minutes on my machine and clang+llvm is ridiculously slow to compile with not far from 1 hour compilation. Ok, these projects are much, much bigger but that doesn't change the fact that C++ is slow to compile.

One day, a colleague and I were working on migrating a large MSVC project to LLVM. Due to various reasons (using git master / bisecting regressions), this involved building LLVM from source code, which took an exorbitant amount of time (about 40 minutes IIRC).

Later that day, I mentioned in passing that we might make building D part of the build process (of a project using D code), since building the compiler took only 3 seconds on my machine.

To quote my colleague:

"Whaaaaaaaaaaat? How can a compiler compile in 3 seconds?!"

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