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Hi all.

Lurking in this forum I had the feeling that lots of D developers tend to rewrite lots of code that could be found in libraries. This is not bad per se but I thought that one of the reason could have been the current process of library discovery.

For this reason I have edited a list of libraries that could aid in this process.

I also considered that the following features could be of importance to you:
- License
- Garbage collector
- last modification (automated)

The list is of course not complete and I could not test all of the libraries I included.

I welcome you to modify it, open PRs or issues on github.


I hope it could lead to a better ecosystem for the whole D community.

DWT is using the EPL, Eclipse Public License, license.
I'm missing the ddb [1] and mysql-native [2] database libraries.
There are many list like this for other languages, they're usually called "awesome-<lang>" where <lang> is the language.

[1] https://github.com/pszturmaj/ddb
[2] https://github.com/mysql-d/mysql-native

/Jacob Carlborg

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