On 12/01/2017 10:56 AM, WebFreak001 wrote:
Hi everyone,

I made a public survey (everyone can look at the responses) and it would be great if you took some time and answered it. I think it will greatly benefit D as a whole if we had more anonymous data on users. I'm also open for changing some questions if there is confusion.


Suggestions for clarification:

- Country+City does not mean much for US. I think it's better to put e.g. "California, US" as country and e.g. "Mountain View" is city.

- I have two primary languages: Fully Turkish at home and among Turkish people and English outside. :)

- "know about" and "used it before" are distinct groups of people. Unless you are looking for two numbers, remove one of those phrases.

- "In what language did you learn D?" Please make that "spoken language". Otherwise, "language" in a language survey can be confusing. :)

- dconf.org is missing from the repos


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