On Thursday, 7 December 2017 at 22:26:08 UTC, Bastiaan Veelo wrote:

I see there is a dub section in [2]. Maybe another issue that has been brought up repeatedly fits in that category, namely extending code.dlang.org in various ways?

I had thought I had followed one of the links somewhere and it mentioned it, but it probably should be listed on that GSOC page.

It might be worthwhile to add some more structure to this page. Right now the outline is grouped broadly by project. It might be a little clearer to group the different projects by category (e.g. compiler, phobos [already there], tooling, library).

Also, it might be useful to add some information on expected difficulty or time intensiveness. I recall from the last time some of the students maybe bit off more than they could chew (i.e., there's no reason taking std.experimental.xml to the finish line or work on a precise garbage collector couldn't be GSOC projects for 2018). For instance, I imagine improvements to code.dlang.org require less knowledge than Lowerer.

Something I would add:
Jupyter kernel (could depend on either d-repl or dabble, not sure which is better)

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