On Friday, 29 June 2018 at 07:03:52 UTC, Dmitry Olshansky wrote:

P.S. I mean what you think the future of native code is??? Rust? Crystal?? Nim???

The future of native code will be replacing scripting languages. D is really good at that task.

The future of native code will not be one language. I don't know why the discussion always turns to that, because it goes against the steady increase in the number of good languages that are available. Different folks have different preferences, many of us use multiple languages, and our preferences change over our lifetimes. These days language interoperability is getting so good that "choosing a language" is becoming obsolete. If we keep reducing the obstacles to using D, the number of users will continue to grow.

WRT donating money, isn't it natural to explain what will be done with the money? There's been some movement in the direction of transparency. I'll only say there's more to be done in that area and leave it at that.

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