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D has a very diverse use case so the generalization is moot. For example I prefer having the gc manage memory for me...For most of the things I do with D...contrary to other opinions.


For most D use cases (including mine, which is file processing), D's GC is a blessing, and one of its main advantages over C++, IMHO.

And if you want to use D for C++-like use cases where you don't want it, this generally leads to having to reinvent the wheel in order to avoid unwanted garbage collections. For instance :


That's why I'm personally in favor of D supporting reference-counting based memory management directly in its syntax (T@, etc), and also providing the GC-free standard

PS : BTW kudos to Timur Gafarov, it's a pity so many D developers prefer to start developing their own engines instead of helping Tibur finish Dagon to make it a production-ready game engine (adding terrain, UI, networking, etc). Very promising work IMHO !


And having the language help him (native strong/weak references) would be nice too :D

I waa aware aware of dlib by I never knew about the impressive he had done with D, especially the game engine Dagon and physics engine dmech. Shows what D can do in a clean way.

Beyond that, he took time to write detailed tutorials for the game engine. Its definitely better for others to contribute instead of reinventing the wheel. His work is really impressive.


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