--- Comment #60 from Andrei Alexandrescu <> 2012-05-06 
19:48:55 PDT ---
This has been some significant pwning of Walter and myself, and I think there
is a larger lesson here we should learn.

We essentially operated from vague memories instead of actually going back and
revisit the sources. This must be how some dogma is born - an imprecise and
incorrect recollection of some assumption that becomes petrified.

What I think we should do going forward is to make sure we state and document
our assumptions instead of relying on rote recollection. The DbC-related
documentation and language specification should contain chapter and page of
Meyer's work. There's a good reason why all academic work makes sure cites all
of its sources, and even that is liable to mistakes of the kind we've done.

Thanks to all who have pursued this matter.

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