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Hi I've looked at wiki.dlang.org/IDEs, and I see that Visual D is linked from dlang.org/download.html. Still I was looking for personal opinions and experiences beyond hard specs, I wonder if one of the IDEs is already dominant at least for each OS for any good reason.

My requirements are quite ordinary: make x64, debug, go to definition, manage projects, code completion. My platform is Windows; interested if the choice would be different for Linux, if the same nice, otherwise I'd prefer to use whatever is best on each OS.

And second question, is DWT the de facto standard for creating GUIs? Or are there good competitors.

Sorry if I'm asking something too obvious, though I've looked around for answers before. And I've also searched the forum but really equivalent questions were over 2 years old and many things may have changed.

Gtkd is obviously defacto for Linux ONLY, dlangui for cross platform app without native feel. But if you want something easy and flexible with native look and feel on all platforms, well tested, use LibUI (http://code.dlang.org/packages/libuid). Look inside the "examples" folder in their Github repository to see example usage.

More like:
 auto hbox = new Box(false).setPadded(1);

hbox.append(new Button("Button"))
    .append(new Checkbox("Checkbox"))


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