On Wednesday, 1 March 2017 at 20:00:32 UTC, thedeemon wrote:
If you're building your app with VisualD (as opposed to invoking dub externally), make sure you've set up import paths in project settings properly.

Thanks. With dub everything works straight forward. I just call it blindly since it's the first time I use dub and I'm not sure everything it's supposed to do. Still I want to be able to be able to work and debug from Visual Studio.

For this I found out how to clone the dependencies, sorry about that... (Only from the command line... Anyone recommends better free Windows Git gui clients than GitHub Desktop?) Import paths seem correctly setup in the project files from the repo, as I would expect. And once the dependency code is in its place it does build, both the library and the example applications.

The problem I was having after all this was a runtime exception, but it happens only on 32-bit. Switching to 64-bit building and debugging works out of the box (after having cloned the subrepos). Here I have no idea if I have a drive issue, in any case 64-bit is enough for me.
BTW the exception is:
"derelict.util.exception.SymbolLoadException Failed to load OpenGL symbol [glEnableClientStateiEXT] "

Also, if you use "minimal" configuration of DLangUI (which I recommend) you can remove mentions of SDL and GL from its dependencies in its dub.json, this way there are less things for compiler and VisualD to look for.

I understand that in order to do this from Visual Studio, according to the instructions at github.com/buggins/dlangui, I should use configurations DebugMinimal instead of Debug, etc. But these configurations are not defined; I wonder if this documentation is out of sync with the current code. Otherwise I also though OpenGL wouldn't be used unless the version identifier USE_OPENGL was defined, but apparently it is not in VS as far as I can see?

So in the end I'm not very sure whether OpenGL is kicking in in 64-bit when it works, or in general how to disable it (from Visual Studio instead of dub) -- or what are the consequences for performance or whatever. For now I can work like this and if I have additional problems that prevent me from advancing I will research it further...

Thanks also @aberba and everyone.

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