On Wednesday, 1 March 2017 at 23:44:47 UTC, XavierAP wrote:
Still I want to be able to be able to work and debug from Visual Studio.

The way I did on Windows:
1) get dlangui via dub
2) go to its folder in AppData\roaming\dub\packages and edit dub.json:
 * find "minimal" configuration
 * add "USE_WIN32" to "versions-windows",
* remove mentions of "derelict-sdl2" and "derelict-gl3" from "dependencies"
 * remove "ForceLogs" from "versions" (just to avoid logspamming)
3) run "dub build --build=release --config=minimal"
4) use the result .lib file from my VisualD project

This way no dependency on OpenGL which causes problems for you.

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