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Hi everyone,

I would like an honest opinion.
I have a beginner level (able to do very small programs) in a few languages such as python, go, C, guile(scheme) and common lisp. I want to pick a language and go deep with it and focus on only one for at least the next 2 years or so.

program bouncing ball on few languages and choose that more liked.
learning language with numbers and strings only is boring.

also you can program tasks from https://www.codingame.com/training/easy with dozen languages in web browser before install to local machine. some of them contains graphics https://www.codingame.com/ide/puzzle/power-of-thor-episode-1 when u run tests. read data from stdin, print result to stdout, and use stderr for debugging with diagnostics messages.

imo better choice is (with criteria to find best job)
- Qt:
    C++ with any library that u need in one style
- C#:
    web, graphics, mobiles, command tools with nice language.
- Java/Kotlin:
same as C# but in top-3. C# is top-5 with more comfort language than Java. Kotlin same comfort as C#, but JVM (Virtual Machine of Java and Kotlin) still does not support value types, that is sucks.
- JavaScript/TypeScript:
web-browser language with node.js that allows to program server side too.
- You can try Python too.
another dynamic language (as JavaScript). I don't like langs that based on space/tabs so I can not say anything about it.

C is too low level language. and many resources is not best criteria for it. (like people says "there's definitely something in the shit, a million flies can't be wrong").

D is stuck in some middle ages with subsistence economy, they still have stone tools but now they found iron/steel :)

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