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Right now, job is not a good criteria for me. I work in a not related field and I doubt I would get any job working with CS. That would be great, but I doubt it anyway, so it is more a hobby thing.

If penetrating a job segment-market is not a requirement, perhaps you would take pleasure in learning F*. It is a pure functional programming language based on logical-mathematical thought. It meant to be a replacement for Coq, a proof-assistant turned into general-purpose language.

In my opinion, this kind of paradigm would fit quite well in the near-future RISCV technological and commercial market since their technical specifications have been feature-ready.

Here is the official tutorial for F* language:

I hope this kind of project is the last step before entering the realm of quantum programming because it is time to embrace the change. Quantum mechanics are known since the 1930's, quantum physics since 50's, quantum information since 70's, quantum computation since 2000's. What are we waiting for quantum programming? Again the same and always pathological syndromes remain: "not invented here" and "it's if not broken, don't fix it."

But don't fool yourself, D is not for beginners. Ali Çehreli is a very skilled programmer, ergo, he can't reason like a new/starting programmer anymore, regardless of his patience and kindness.

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