On Thursday, 13 October 2016 at 19:06:26 UTC, Karabuta wrote:
How is a new visitor supposed to know "!" is for templates and not some complicated syntax?

As a dlang newbie ( only started to learn a few days ago ), the example on the front page is just complex for new users.

Its not a lack of knowledge ( 15+ years php, some C in high school, Perl 3 years and some other languages over the years ) but i had no clue that "!" ( used a lot in examples ) is actually templates ( or macro's ). I was focused on other parts ( shared libraries creation & loading etc ) so never got around to some of the "basics". Just assumed it was a operator.

Also, first example using regex? And the overuse of one-liners. Lets not start with so much one liners / merged lines, it makes something simple look more complex. Its great for more seasoned programmers but its less readable for people with little or first time experience.

Another issue is the "Edit/Args/Input/Run". First thing a person does is press "Run" but then your wondering, wait? What is that result? Where does it come from? Lost 20 seconds figuring out where it was hiding.

My suggestions:

A. Remove Args, Remove Input ( reworked / make any input inline in the code ). Simple is better.

B. Use multiple examples. Place buttons below instead of Args/Input [1 2 3 .. 8 Run].


1. Hello World
2. ...
3. Templates
4. This Regex example ( reworked for inline input )
5. C/C++ Integration example
6. ...
... Show parts of the language its advantages. Its like drugs. Give people a taste and get them hooked for life. >:)

Just my 2 cents on the topic.

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