On Tuesday, 18 October 2016 at 10:04:35 UTC, Benjiro wrote:
On Tuesday, 18 October 2016 at 09:26:56 UTC, Chris wrote:

The issue is, that in order to understand the example, you are already required to have a knowledge of the language.

I can only use myself as a example. Only started to really use D a few days ago because i have a specific project. I instantly look for the methods that interest me, totally bypassing half the manual. The ! looked like a operator and not a template.

To show you how much a nice example flow matters: a month or 3 ago ( because of this future project ) i started to look at several languages: Go, Nim, Haxe, etc...

Notice something missing? Yes... i knew about D but totally skipped it for two reasons. Its the same reasons as to why Rust got skipped. I did not like the syntax example's. And in case of D, the whole community issue with D1 vs D2 in several reddit topics that still gets propagated.

They will not understand. Those are the UX stuff you learn when you are a web designer/developer.

It is easy to not understand the impact when your already know D. Test it on a new user and see. Moreover, unless D is not meant to be a first programming language to learn, then we are far from gaining new adopters with the current information. The tour examples are clearly written by people who have less/limited/lacking teaching skills.

How do you win a visitor's interest in 2-5 seconds?

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