It is more about marketing. Maybe Go is not a perfect language, maybe not even a good one, but it's sold so good because of a good marketing

So, calling D a "better C++" is a bad advertisement. But if you rename it to '<anything>Script', for example "DatScript" and sell it as "better, statically typed JavaScript dialect which compiles into fast native executables" it will became #1 language on GitHub in no time.


I've suggested exactly the same "easy-to-learn super-powered stronly-typed javascript" and "efficient web server development" advertising approachs to the D leadership, using a more ""-like website.

Maybe it's because this change would be much too radical, but I've been told that the "Better C++" slogan won't change, despite D could easily be "tweaked" to eat a significant part of Go/Dart's market shares.

And I'm not especially convinced that many C++ developers are currently rushing towards D because of the current website.

For instance, I've personally chosen D *only* it was much better than JavaScript/Node.js, not because it was better than C++, that I still have to use for game and mobile development.

Still waiting that somebody explains me how to _easily_ use D with Unreal Engine, Cocos2D-X, etc... ;)

I know I'm not the general case, but this still proves that "some" C++ developers won't switch to D for long because they are too tied to their ecosystem.

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