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> > It has, to some extent. But the fundamental problem remains that
> > more manpower is needed so that he can be freed up to do the more
> > important things.  Having to personally review all new public
> > symbols added to Phobos, for example, just doesn't seem scalable in
> > the long run.  But, as Andrei himself said, the last time he left
> > that decision to somebody else, there was a noticeable deterioration
> > in the quality of code in Phobos.  So we need not only more
> > manpower, but also more *trusted* manpower; people who share the
> > same views as Andrei, whom he can trust to make the right decisions
> > without his intervention.
> Hummm… could it be that Andrei did not define the task appropriately,
> train the person appropriately, and mentor the person appropriately.
> Management has to be able to delegate and achieve required results
> without doing the work themselves.

Exactly.  Tech people like us tend to shy away from this sort of thing,
but it's clearly something sorely needed here.


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