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It has, to some extent. But the fundamental problem remains that more manpower is needed so that he can be freed up to do the more important things. Having to personally review all new public symbols added to Phobos, for example, just doesn't seem scalable in the long run. But, as Andrei himself said, the last time he left that decision to somebody else, there was a noticeable deterioration in the quality of code in Phobos. So we need not only more manpower, but also more *trusted* manpower; people who share the same views as Andrei, whom he can trust to make the right decisions without his intervention.

There's no silver bullet to this, and it's indeed a very difficult task.

Having done this for a lot of my life, my advice is simply to keep that always present in every decision, and, sometime, be more permissive in the short term decisions, to just archive that more important long term goal.

Growing (and discovering!), talents it's indeed a job by itself.


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