On Tuesday, 6 February 2018 at 21:44:16 UTC, Ralph Doncaster wrote:
Is there an automatic way to make D wrappers for all the C function calls?

Yeah, I hear the dstep https://github.com/jacob-carlborg/dstep
works well, though I haven't personally used it - I just bring in C functions by hand and that's fairly easy (certainly a lot easier than actually porting the whole thing!) and a one time thing, then it can keep up with impl updates with upstream easily - the interface rarely changes, so you just update it like anything else.

One reason I considered porting was to see if dmd outputs better code than gcc.

If you want D to outperform C, it usually means doing architecture changes, and mature C libraries are usually already pretty heavily optimized and hard to beat. D and C have about the same performance potential; when fully optimized by hand and by machine, both will top out about the same.

D's big advantage over C is that is is easier to realize that potential; it takes less programmer effort to write the faster code in the first place. But again, if the C library already has the work done to it, D is unlikely to actually beat it, especially with a direct port where it is likely to generate basically the same machine code (or worse - dmd's optimizer is generally worse than gcc's, and gdc's optimizer is exactly the same as gcc's).

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