On Tuesday, 6 February 2018 at 20:25:22 UTC, Ralph Doncaster wrote:
Thanks for the detailed post. I'm an old C/C++ guy (got started with C++ back in the cfront days), and have been kicking the tires on D recently. The poor state of libraries is something that may push me away from D as well. In my case, need opencl and crypto libs. The opencl package in dub is a crude wrapper around the original C API. I couldn't find any sha lib, so I've started porting a reference sha3 implementation from C.

I, like you, may end up jumping off the ship though. I've done a bit of work with golang before, so maybe I'll take another look at it. The opencl bindings aren't much better, but there are ready-made sha3 libs I can use instead of porting from C.

For crypto there is also Botan: http://code.dlang.org/packages/botan

For OpenCL I develop and maintain DCompute:

It has a much beautified interface to OpenCL (and is mostly consistent with its CUDA interface). You can also write kernels directly in D, however this requires that LDC is built against my fork of LLVM: https://github.com/thewilsonator/llvm

It's still in dev but should be usable. Please let me know if you have issues using it.

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