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1. Keeps data in the %APPDATA%/Roaming folder. Connecting my computer to the company network means that AD will sync zillions of files on the company profile server. This issue is 4 years old: https://github.com/dlang/dub/issues/229

Have you put forward a pull request to fix it, and tests obviously.

4 year old issues just mean no-one cares about it enough to do something.

4 year old pull requests is time to fork the project with a new team of developers.

2. It's painfully slow.
3. As a library provider, you have a lot to learn about
configuration file format (2 formats).

Neither of which are really acceptable. :-(

I wrote a massive decimal library. 90% of reported problems were not about the library itself, but about the fact that does not compile with dub, does not run with dub, dub doesn't recognize package.d and so on. I invested a lot of time in providing a clear documentation (http://rumbu13.github.io/decimal/doc/decimal.html). Guess what's the last issue? Documentation is not visible in the dub registry :)

4. Not integrated in Visual Studio. I know, I am a lazy and convenient Windows user and the small black window called cmd scares the sh*t out of me.

Isn't that a "create a VS plugin" problem?

Personally, I don't use dub. If I need some library, I download and add it to my library import path. The only way that dub will convince me will be a right click context menu on my VS project entitled "Manage DUB packages". It's an productivity issue: I just press F5 to debug my project, why should I go to the command line and type manually what I want?

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