On 02/09/2018 04:58 PM, rumbu wrote:

It's not about how nice is a solution, it's about how easy is for someone to find out about a language feature and use it. D has a library solution for everything that is missing from the core language instead to include in the language well proven patterns.  That's why is complicated: one must learn about fibers, ask himself why in the world he must use std.concurrency to obtain a list of numbers and so on. Even the cluttered ((){ will scare a potential learner.

I agree with this. Though I understand why it ended, I miss the days when D was more open to language enhancements. Library solutions are often possible, and better then nothing, but by necessity they're also frequently sub-optimal (design-wise) as well. One of the most common offenders is that all that ((){ *is* visual clutter compared to other langauges' takes on equivalent ideas.

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