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> On 22.02.2018 08:13, Timothee Cour wrote:
> > Advantages of splitting:
> > ...
> > * easier to edit (no need to scroll much to see entirety of module
> > we're editing)
> I don't think this particular point is true. Splitting can actually
> make editing slightly harder. Scrolling is an inefficient way to find
> the definition to edit; just search the file for the definition.


A worthwhile coding editor will have built-in functionality to search
for symbols and making bookmarks.

In Vim, I usually mark several important places in the code, e.g., a
mark on the class/struct definition that I'm working on, another mark on
a related template, another mark on the function, another mark on the
associated unittest, etc.. This lets me jump to any relevant place in
two keystrokes, without needing to care exactly where it is in the file.
I also have a semi-standard assignment of marks, and update them as I go
along, so I can always switch between different parts of the
functionality I'm working on.  For looking up other things, searching
for symbols and ctags with jump-to-definition is invaluable.

Also, Vim's ability to split the window at any time is invaluable: it
lets me, for example, work on a unittest while having the function body
in view or vice versa. Or jump between the two and work on two places in
the same file at the same time.

Any editor/IDE incapable of such basic functionality ought to be thrown
out the window and replaced with something more usable.


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