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Hi, folks!

I’m testing waters for a D course at one University for first time it’ll be an optional thing. It’s still discussed but may very well become a reality.

Before you ask - no, I’m not lecturing and in fact, I didn’t suggest D in the first place! Academics are finally seeing light in the gloom of 1 year OOP in C++ course having underwhelming results.

Now to the point, I remeber Chuck Allison (pardon if I misspelled) doing D lectures at Utah Valley University, here:

There is also Ali’s book. But anything else easily adoptable as course material?

Dmitry Olshansky

Just make sure it involves problem solving because that is why we have brains.

We don't have brains so we can sit through long boring presentations and seminars.

Students who program, want to solve problems. Not boring silly problems, and not overly complex problems that will take up too much of their time - one of the biggest concerns expressed by students at my uni, is workload - which never seems to stop increasing. And students are really distracted these days too, so the problem is compounded. Our new is concerned about the increasing rop out rate too, which I suspect is related.

And don't make them all solve the same problem. Give a range of problems so they can select something that might interest them.

There's plenty of material out there, that deals with motivating students to learn.

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