[Warning, philosophical tangent.]

The thing that strikes me is that it feels like we are doing something fundamentally wrong if a sensible way to write "Hello, World!" (or "Hello, I'm a GUI widget!") could possibly be: "Fire up a Linux VM.". (Or a Docker container...)

I'm not saying the answers in this thread are wrong (I appreciate them, I have learned a lot, and I think I even have npm installed--though an unrelated regression stalled my node.js playing today). I am saying the so-called "full stack" that is trendy these days smells bad and feels wrong headed.

The binary for a modern-day IRC-type program (Slack) is over 80MB. Sure, the original IRC didn't have pictures. But 80MB!? I have an internet radio program (Tunein Radio) that has an install of 65MB.

The Linux kernel--arguably festooned with too many features--is only a 4MB binary on my notebook. And can be trimmed down to about half that (last I looked) yet still do powerful stuff. It is crazy that Slack is twenty-times the size of the big version of the kernel.

You might ask: "What's the harm? Storage is cheap!"

I'm not sure, but it feels like this is an infinite supply of security vulnerabilities, plus a lot of regular feature bugs and much of the general "computerized things don't work very well".


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