On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 10:36:11AM -0500, Kent Borg wrote:
> If your answer to my "This is ridiculous!" were "Yes, but it works.", that
> would be one thing. But this stuff doesn't work particularly well, and the
> more modern the design the worse the results. There was a lot of stuff that
> was computerized in the late '80s that still works today. How much of the
> stuff we are building now has a prayer of lasting just ten years?

I think that the financial calculation engine at the heart of my company's
software-as-a-service will be still recognizably a descendant of the same
thing in ten years. I expect at least one, maybe two major overhauls of
the web interface side in that time.

I expect that ten years from now, I will still be using an
editor which is a descendant of vi in some form, and many of us
will still be using emacs.

IPv6 will be around in ten years; IPv4, too.

In ten years the Linux kernel will be at 5.something and
possibly thinking about a 6.0 release.

I'm hoping that in ten years, we will have a good universal interoperable
protocol for messaging that includes 1:1 chat, discussion rooms, voice
1:n, voice n:n, and video 1:n and n:n -- all with as much sophistication
as we presently have in the best telephone and email handling systems.
(Matrix might be that protocol. Maybe.)


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