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On Oct 12, 2008, at 7:01 PM, Tim Bowden wrote:

Just to confuse things again, we're reconsidering the idea of having it
before.  It runs the risk of diverting attention from the last minute
things that need to be done in the run up to the conf itself. After is
looking like a great option right now (which would reduce by 1 the
number of nights accommodation as well).

I think that if there's a clear goal set for the Code Sprint and its relation to the conference, it can actually help to get a good turnout and instead of diverting attention it could increase it. If it is organized as _just a code sprint_ without objective(s) the risk is indeed there, otherwise I think the contrary can be true.

You suggested the idea of an interoperability integration showcase, maybe as a permanent platform that shows both proprietary and open source software interoperate. I think that is an excellent idea and is well worth pursuing in collaboration with OGC and vendors. If such goal is pursued, a three days final preparation code sprint would be extremely valuable, also with respect to the workshops in the conference.

I realize that both conference and code sprint are tiring events, so having them in one rush can be exhaustive. If there's a good chance to relax between the two (a long weekend) however, it may be worthwhile.

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