Tim Sutton wrote:
code sprint. Another option to consider could be to start the sprint
on the day before the core conf. starts and then to provide a code
sprint space (we could have used the speaker prep room this year since
it was underutilised) and allow for ad hoc coding get togethers during
the conference. Of course having the sprint at the start of the conf
does have the negative of people being seriously jetlagged to begin
with....(as opposed to being seriously hung over at the end...).
Hi Tim; this kind of defeats the purpose of having a code sprint - the idea is that the developer communities are going to want to hack at some point. By scheduling a code sprint at the end of the conference we can avoid a repeat of 2006 where developers hung out on the tables (ignoring the conference they had paid to attend).

By having a code sprint at the end; it is my hope that the developer teams can get out there and meet people (yeah OSGeo) and have a weeks worth of good ideas and contact with other projects heading into the code sprint.

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